Welcome to BO$$ Camp

Australia’s newest entrepreneur program for senior secondary school students.

BO$$ Camp aims to inspire and educate young people about entrepreneurship, and connect them with passionate, leading entrepreneurs to learn how to turn their ideas into a business.

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The first of its kind in Australia, BO$$ Camp is a startup program designed for students in years 10 – 12, and budding business champions aged 14 – 18.

“Alternative career paths, such as entrepreneurship, are just not catered for in the current school system. I’ve seen lots of students fall through the gaps because traditional study isn’t for them – this program gives them an alternative”, says founder Sasha Dragovelic.

BO$$ Camp recognises that traditional pathways to employment, such as University or Tafe, don’t always suit everyone. It aims to inspire, challenge and foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst young South Australians to ensure their future is secure, and give them the chance to help contribute to driving growth in South Australia and nationally.

The program brings young people, teachers and passionate entrepreneurs together for two days of intensive mentoring and hands-on experience. If you wish to register for the next event, please click here.