About BO$$ Camp

What is BO$$ Camp?

BO$$ Camp is Australia’s newest and coolest entrepreneur program designed for students in years 10 – 12 and budding business champions aged 14 – 18. It brings young people, schools, teachers and entrepreneurs together to showcase alternative paths of employment.

BO$$ Camp was conceived at Startup Adelaide Weekend from an idea pitched by Sasha Dragovelic, a passionate youth advocate who thrives on seeing young people achieve, and was quickly jumped upon by a group of passionate local entrepreneurs who helped to turn the idea into reality!

BO$$ Camp features successful and inspirational speakers who share their stories to help inspire and ignite interest in entrepreneurship amongst the young participants by way of introducing some of their own methods and strategies used to launch successful businesses.

The original team

The original team behind BO$$ Camp at the end of Startup Adelaide Weekend.

The BO$$ Camp Story:

Our first pitch, at Start-up Weekend Adelaide 2014 (below):

Interview after being crowned as the runners-up of Start-up Weekend Adelaide 2014 (below)

We started with 8 passionate entrepreneurs who got the idea off the ground! Here we are in the video above just after being presented with the silver prize at Startup Adelaide Weekend.

And this is us (photo below)… after the first ever Boss Camp (Adelaide, 2014).

From left to right: Scott, Wendy, Sasha, Rikki & Adam

Currently, Team BO$$ Camp consists of 4 passionate entrepreneurs who are determined to see the idea go national. To view our team, click here to be navigated to our Contact Us page.