Adelaide 2014 Prizes

Prizes awarded at the first ever BO$$ Camp, Adelaide 2014:

#1 BDO team prize:

– A boardroom lunch (gourmet burgers and fries) and Q&A session at BDO with Alistair Haighs
– A trip on the tram to tour Haighs with a member of the Haighs team
– A Haighs gift pack each for the 10 students

#2 Parliament House team prize:
– A luncheon with Katrine Hildyard MP, Chris Picton MP and Minister Gail Gago at Parliament House

#3 Startup Adelaide team prize:
– Dinner with Chris Hooper, co-founder of Start-up Weekend Adelaide

Throughout the program, numerous prizes were awarded after the completion of each program module – these included:

1) A personalised Techies Tour of Adelaide CBD for one day to businesses such as Digital Embassy, Monkeystack, Mighty Kingdom, Digital Hub, Hub Adelaide & Majoran. This included lunch at Bahn Mi on Grenfell Street. The prize was for up to 10 young people and up to 4 teachers.

2) New Venture Institute – 2 x double pass tickets to the Venture Dorm Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, November 6, 2014.

3) New Venture Institute – 2 x double pass tickets to the Business Plan Competition on Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

4) Dinner with Jason Cross

5) RDA Barossa – Best Pitch team prize:
– A cycling tour for two persons with bikes, a picnic basket and vouchers for ice cream and local bakery goods.

6) Leet Geek iPad prize – #hackeraward

7) New Venture Institute – Ben Flink (deputy director), shadow for 1 day – #twitteraward

8) Work Experience at Majoran Co-working on Grenfell Street

9) Roaming Cooking – 2x cookbooks with a titanium spork each