Learning Outcomes

So you’re wondering what you will learn at BO$$ Camp, right?
Check out the list of intended learning outcomes which shape our event program!


1. Create a product / service that is unique
– Does it fill a niche in a given market? How so?
– Use the business model “Lean Canvas” as a guide
– Tap into creative abilities you never thought you had

2. Validate your assumptions
– Take on critical feedback from assisting mentors
– Speak to potential customers to gather real evidence your idea could fly
– Research the market and your competitors within a given time-frame
– Make tough decision(s) to do dump, or modify your business idea quickly based on feedback
– Prepare your MVP (minimum viable product, or service)

3. Sell your validated idea to the judges
– Formulate and present an engaging pitch with your validations
– Communicate the key points clearly and succintly
– Use visuals to support your presentation

4. Connect with the broader entrepreneurial community
– Listen to speakers’ stories; learn from their wins & failures; get inspired, catch the entrepreneurial bug
– Find out about the support & development programs available
– Familiarise yourself with the broader business eco-system